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Common and interesting uses of lilies

Common And Interesting Uses Of Lilies

Lilies are among the most beautiful and elegant looking flowers, which makes them popular for different occasions, whether it is for alleviating a sad soul or for a joyous occasion like a wedding. Coming from the lilium family, there are about 100 species of lilies. And the lilies history could be traced since its 3,000 years ago and they became popular in Egypt during the 18th century.

There are different kinds of lilies found in Europe, India, across in Asia, from Japan to the Philippines. With the abundance of lilies in some areas, locals have developed creative and interesting uses of lilies and water lilies. There are some species found in the United States which can be planted or propagated by using bulbs. You could also cultivate lilies, using seeds.

Lilies aside from great decorations and gifts, can also be a great use inside the house. Peace lilies are considered by several studies as one of the best household plants since they are great air purifiers. Peace lilies leaves would absorb molds and then transport them to serve as food for the roots.

Aside from these, there are some interesting uses of lilies and lily buds.

  • In China, dried lily flower buds which are called golden needles or jin zhen in China are used in chinese cuisine. They are soaked and cooked with mushrooms. In China, baihe gan or the L. brownie bulbs are considered to be a health and luxury food. They are used to make soups thicker and are used in stir fried food.

  • The Chinese also used dried lily bulbs as a medicine. In their tradition, it could cure sore throats, build the lungs stronger, help address heart problems and improve kidney functions. They could also be used to lower down fever temperatures. Some would use lily bulbs to help them relax and improve sleep.

  • European history also showed that they have used lily bulbs for medicinal purposes like fevers, cleaning wounds and sores.

  • There are some countries that grow lilies in pots and are used as a patio plant.

  • The Easter lily is indispensable in Easter trade and are considered to be important cut flowers.

  • In the Philippines, water lilies or water hyacinth and bamboos are used to clean polluted rivers. It is used as a biological filter helping the water get cleaned of pollution and heavy metals. Other Southeast Asian countries have been using this, prior to the Philippines.

  • Still in the Philippines, water lilies are used and converted into fibre which can be used in textile manufacturing. Water lilies are transformed into hand-woven products like slippers, handicrafts and placemats.

  • If you have a pond with fishes in it, then try adding some water lilies. They provide a habitat for micro-organisms that fishes feed on, according to the Texas A&M University. By doing so, your fish would not require too much artificial food.

  • Aside from food sources, Langston University recommends using water lily for fish ponds since they may provide shade and also hiding places for fishes.

Lilies are not just flowers meant for decoration, but they play an important role in other countrys culture. It just makes the flower and the plant more valuable.


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