Monday, October 21, 2013

Commodity futures trading

Commodity Futures Trading

Commodity futures trading is a type of investment where one can make money by speculating on the price of a certain commodity going up or down in the future. Commodities are usually the essential things that people make use of everyday. Most of the times, these commodities are the basic essentials needed by a modern society.

When talking about certain commodities being traded in the futures market, it must meet certain conditions to make it allowable for trading. One of the conditions is that the commodity should be standardized. In trading agricultural and industrial commodities, the traded commodity should be in its basic raw and unprocessed state. In this case, Wheat may be traded in the futures market but not flour.

Another condition that a certain commodity has to meet is that the perishable kind should have adequate shelf life. The reason for this is that these commodities are traded with their delivery s


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